The House System


Signal Hill Secondary School has always been renowned for its prowess in the athletic arena. In this regard, during the institution’s formative years, Signal Hill Secondary introduced a house system as a means of ensuring that its premium athletes were selected to participate in the Inter-Secondary Schools’ athletic championships, and also introducing healthy rivalry and excitement to its sports meetings. The school’s administrators decided to name the houses after precious stones: Ruby (Red), Topaz (Yellow), Emerald (Green) and Sapphire (Blue).

However, as Signal Hill Secondary school approached its 30th anniversary, it was decided that the school must honour its rich legacy in the sporting and academic arenas by naming its houses after individuals who passed through the hallowed halls of the institution, and left an indelible mark when they achieved excellence in their various fields of endeavour. As a result, the house of Ruby was renamed after Dwight Yorke who, after representing Signal Hill at various levels, proceeded to make sterling contributions to football both nationally and internationally.


The house of Topaz was renamed Bartlett as a symbol of appreciation for the outstanding academic achievements of Merson Bartlett who was the first island scholarship winner from Signal Hill Secondary school in the area of Business. Further, the house of emerald became Wheeler. This house was renamed after Mr. Victor Wheeler, the first Principal of the school. Mr. Wheeler was the pioneer who steered the school skilfully through several obstacles during its infancy stage. Finally, Mr. Bertille St. Clair was recognised for his contributions to the school’s fame and glory in the area of football when the house of St. Clair was named after him.




Major Achievements Boys Football


  •  First won the National Intercol title in 1982
  •  Pull off a hat trick of wins of the this coveted national title in 1987 1988 and 1989. The school also won the double by securing the big four league title in 1987 and 1988
  • The title was won in 1996.
  • The school also won this title in 2002.
  •  Last Intercol title was won in 2010.


Major Achievement Girls Football


  •  The girls team won National titles in 2006 and 2007and the Tobago title in 2008. We are the only school to have won national titles at all levels.
  • The School can boast of many successful male and female footballers internationally but the most acclaimed has been our very own Dwight Yorke.